I’m running a poll here to let you guys vote on my next potential Jdrama fansub project. It will be softsubbed and released on D-addicts and my blog–same deal as Danda Rin which I subbed last season.

Based on the Jdrama fansub map, I’m only considering projects that haven’t been subbed yet. I’m starting this poll because I haven’t made up my mind yet. Please feel free to recommend projects as well. :)

***NOTE: If you’re voting “Other”, be sure to type a name of a Jdrama!***

Update 1/26/14:
Thanks for the awesome response and taking the time to vote!
It looks like Kinkyuu overwhelmingly won, so I’ll start translating that now.
It’s also surprising to see an old Jdrama called Last Present was voted 2nd. I’m seriously considering this project and I’m currently downloading the RAWs from D-addicts. Since the torrent was uploaded quite some time ago, seeders are lacking… so please seed if you can!

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Which Jdrama would you like to see subbed for Winter 2014?