Welcome to my blog! You may know me as amrayu from the fansubbing group, SARS-Fansubs.com, but I also have other interests besides Japanese/Korean entertainment.

What you’ll find here is a collection of posts, videos, images related to the following:

Technology: This includes web development, web design, apps, software, learning computer languages and frameworks like: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, iOS, PHP, WordPress and more. I’ve dabbled in all areas, so I’ll be blogging about my experiences with them.
Sites I frequent: Mashable, Tech Crunch, Codecademy, Code School

Languages: I have a great passion for learning languages and fansubbing Japanese dramas is a clear sign of that. The languages that I’ve studied are Japanese (intermediate-advanced), Spanish (beginner), French (beginner), Korean (beginner), and Mandarin (beginner).
Sites I frequent: Tofugu, Mind Snacks

Arts and Crafts: As a child, I’ve always enjoyed drawing, making collages, and coloring. In high school, I was exposed to crocheting, pottery, needle arts and sewing. Now as an adult, I’ve revisited some of these past hobbies and the joy of creating something with your own hands is exhilarating. Making amigurumi is my current obsession along with sculpting figurines.
Sites I frequent: Etsy

Fitness and Food: Skinny is something I’ve always been, but as age hits me, I realized (by looking in the mirror) that I can’t ignore exercising and eating healthy. In the past 3 years, I’ve cleaned up my eating habits, started exercising, and I’m started to enjoy outdoor activities like golfing, mountain biking, and snowboarding. Along the way I’ve learned how to actually cook, so I’ll be sharing my favorite recipes once in awhile, too.

Productivity: Some people may say that I’m a workaholic, in some ways I am, but I think I’m more of a productivity junkie. There’s one thing you can never earn or get back and that is time! And I’m always looking for ways to increase my productivity output. For the past several years, I’ve combined my technical expertise and productivity skills to earn money through freelance jobs–which brings us to the next subject…
Sites I frequent: Work Awesome

Finances: Debt! Most of us have it, some of us can’t manage it, but one thing is certain, it’s a pain in the ass to have. I’m now in a position where I can comfortably pay my bills on time and not worry about increasing credit card debt. Freelancing helped me pay off my car in half the loan time and currently I’m working on paying off my student loan in full this year. I’ll share tips on saving, paying down debt, and earning extra income.
Sites I frequent: Mint

Organization: Growing up I collected many things and that habit has followed me through to adulthood. As I’ve matured (LOL), I have less of a desire to have “things” and collect “things.” Now my collecting mentality is mostly in check and I’ve been focusing on cleansing my life by decluttering like selling unwanted items on eBay, Amazon, Twitter, and on my blog. I’ve also donated unwanted clothing, books, comics, DVDs to various local charities. You’ll find tips and more about my experience here.

Drama Otaku’s main goal is to provide timely, accurate and non-misleading translated news and articles about the Asian drama industry.

What you’ll find here:
News We’ll mostly be concentrating on drama-related news which includes actors, actresses, and new dramas, but on occasion we’ll post articles from the music, manga, anime and movie industries. Our aim is to bring drama news to the forefront.

Previews Dying to see your favorite actor or actress in an upcoming drama? We’ll do our best to provide a bird’s eye view of new dramas for the upcoming season before they air.

Reviews We’ll be providing digest reviews and full-length episodic reviews (recaps) of dramas.

Blogs Translated blogs of drama stars and/or staff. If you follow a fave celebrity and don’t understand their blog, contact us and we’ll see if we can translate it.

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